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What if... instead of worrying about your health, you could create a connection with plants so that...

 - Relaxing became easier...
 - Food tasted better...
 - Supplement expenses were lower...
 - The yard and kitchen became your apothecary?


Getting started with healing herbs is easier than you think! Don't miss this Free Training by
Alison Magill, Herbalist and Wellness Coach

Learn to Harvest Your Yard and Fill Your Kitchen Cupboards with Beneficial Herbs and Spices

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

What's Included in the Challenge?

Learn to Trust Your Gut.

Understanding how our body systems work is the first step in choosing plants for support.

Reduce stress.

All our parts are connected and we see and feel  this when things go wrong.

Gain skills.

Integrate what you learn into creating your own herbal pantry!
Make this a habit.

Bring plants into your daily life to raise your level of nourishment and self-nurturance.

"My biggest takeaway was feeling inspired to bring my creative pursuits forward. You have taken your own medicine that helped to heal you,
out into the world. THAT is the gift. "
~ Diane J.

About Your Teacher...

Hello! I'm Alison. I'm an herbalist, ecologist and wellness coach who loves all things botanical, herbal and green! Decades ago I began a plant journey that led me to the herbally-inspired life I now live.

What does that look like? It’s the daily practice of  infusing beneficial herbs into all aspects of my lifestyle: what I eat, my personal care and my environment.

Living an herbally-inspired life allows me to enjoy the sensual experiences that plants provide: the scent of an aromatic herb, the taste of a well-flavored meal, the beauty and textures of living plants in my environment.

As an herbalist and gardener, I know the deep healing that comes from tending. We care for the plants and they care for us. Incorporating beautiful, nutritious and healing plants into our daily lives gives us an earth-centered and grounding connection that we all need in this fast-paced, tech-focused world.

I love living an herbally-inspired life and I know you will love it too! Let's get started!

Give Me the Full Details!

The Challenge Schedule

  • March 15 - 18, 2022
  • Wed, Thu, Fri Sessions at 5:00 pm, ET
  • ​Sat session at 2:00 pm, ET
  • 45 minute sessions streamed to YouTube and Private Facebook Group
  • ​All sessions recorded and available as replays
  • Kitchen Pantry VIP (More info when you register)

Don't Miss This Chance to Learn from Alison!  Get this FREE, Limited Time Offer and Create an Herbally-Inspired Home for You and Your Family!

This Challenge Is For Anyone Who...

  • Is seeking greater wellness. 
  • Likes to cook and create.
  • Prefers holistic health modalities.
  • ​Is tired of expensive supplements.
  • ​Takes their personal care seriously.
  • ​Loves plants, gardens and nature.

In this Challenge You Will Learn How to...

  • Discover the cures already in your cupboard.
  • Decrease your monthly supplement expenses.
  • Recognize the healing plants that grow right in your own yard.
  • ​Up-level your health with common garden herbs and kitchen spices.
  • ​Easily create your own herbal products.

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Dear Health-Conscious You!

One of the greatest struggles people face is figuring out how to feel good without expensive pills, powders and over-the counter meds. Seeking an alternative solution to wellness often leads to a lot of conflicting information and confusion, so that most just give up looking and just sticking with the same old products.  This leaves us feeling like “wow - I know there’s got to be a better way -  a simple, clean solution”. But the messages we get from the current healthcare system are telling us to just trust the experts -  we shouldn’t be making our own health care choices.

And frankly we believe them because over the past century we have lost most of the innate wisdom about how our bodies work and how they are meant to heal with the help of traditional plant remedies. We no longer pay attention to the plants growing all around us let alone understand how to gather or use them.  This is how humans treated ailments for millennia and yet plant medicine is no longer common knowledge. In fact, few people realize that they probably already have a lot  of what they need right in their own yards and kitchens!

That’s why I created the Herbally Inspired Spring Kitchen Challenge!

I’m Alison from The Well Cultivated Life and for 4 Days, beginning March 15, I’ll be helping you revamp your kitchen cupboard contents, tossing out fake health products and replacing them with healing foods, herbs and spices.  The challenge will be livestreamed to YouTube and into the private Facebook group!

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to overpriced, over processed health foods, this challenge is perfect for you! You don’t have to have an herbal background - just the desire to learn about the natural plant-based remedies that can help you and your family improve wellness.

Check out the details and click the link to sign up for the Challenge!  I look forward to helping you create an herbally-inspired kitchen filled with natural, health-boosting herbs and spices!

Alison Magill
Herbalist and Owner
The Well Cultivated Life, LLC

P.S. In case you are wondering, the challenge is free! I hope you will join me.

Join Now and Transform Your Kitchen into an
Herbally Infused Sanctuary!

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